Here you are able to find guidelines how to make an order in fleimio online store:

1. Browse and search the Fleimio online store for the fleimio products you want to order.

2. When you want to make a purchase, click ”Add to Shop Basket” , select the colour of the product – and select quantity on a box before the “Add to Shop Basket” sign. You can select as many fleimio-products as you like.

3. Click “My Cart” on the upper right hand column or “View Cart”, and you will be able to browse the items you have selected in the cart.

4. Check the details of your order. If you want to remove a product from the cart, click X on the right corner of the product in question. Additionally, you are able to change here the number of products ordered. Tick “Update Cart” if you have done changes.

5. Click “Checkout” when you have selected all the products you want to order.

6. Fill in the billing details and tick the box if you want to have a different delivery address. When you have filled in the delivery address, the fleimio online shop tells you the delivery costs of your order.

7. fleimio will select the most convenient and cost-efficient freight company to deliver the order. Method of payment will be selected from following alternatives: bank transfer – or Finnish bank cards or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) via Paytrail.

If you select bank transfer,  the invoice will be sent to you when the products are ready for delivery – not earlier. The number of fleimio product models and colours as well as demand for the fleimio products have increased and therefore, it is really hard for us to keep the warehouse in balance. The same warehouse serves our project, retail and online orders.

8. After your order – You will receive an order confirmation e-mail from fleimio with the estimated time of arrival or info that Your order is ready and in delivery. The selected delivery partner will call you before bringing the ordered fleimio-products to you. If You consider that the delivery time is too long – you are always able to cancel your order without any extra costs.

9. Enjoy using the fleimio products. Remember: “new creative way to use the fleimio products – is the right!”

10. Thank you for ordering from the fleimio Online Shop.


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