Fleimio Shall Exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018

fleimio mini in Stockholm Furniture Fair

Fleimio Shall Exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair accepted the fleimio application and gave fleimio 20 m2 space and stand AG:17, which is located between the major halls A and B. This is not the first time fleimio exhibits at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The first time fleimio exhibited 2012, when it launched the fleimio trolley for international professionals. Last time fleimio exhibited this year (Feb 2017).


picture: the fleimio stand in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Feb 2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the number one trade fair in design in the Nordic Countries. During Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the fair is full to bursting point with the latest innovations within interior design and lighting for both homes and public spaces. New products, new materials, new knowledge, new trends and new environmental and technological solutions are displayed in a both informative and inspirational manner.

Over 40 000 people visited the fair in 2017 from over 60 countries. Last time Feb 2017, the fair had press coverage from over a 1100 journalist and over 300 of them were international journalists. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is truly an international fair with visitors from the whole world.


The fleimio trolley (old name was fleimio wood trolley / halkovaunu in Finnish) was launched at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2012 for the international trade. The fleimio stand was located in hall B and the fair was pretty nice to fleimio trolley: magazines like Mad og Bolig, Plaza Interiör and Elle Interiör wrote about this novelty.


picture: Plaza Interiör 5/2012                                                                                                                       Picture: Mad og Bolig 5/2012

February 2018 fleimio will focus on its modern storage furnitures category. The fleimio will exhibit at least the fleimio trolley, fleimio wine trolley and fleimio 5 shelf trolley, fleimio mini trolley – and the fleimio woodhopper, which will be presented for the first time to the Nordic trade professionals.



                                                                                                                    picture: versatile fleimio trolleys in various colours and functions

Fleimio trolley is a versatile modern storage furniture that can be used for storing and moving e.g. magazines, books, firewood and jeans. It is convenient to use, because it has wheels. The fleimio trolley fits well several interiors: almost any room at home or second home, public venues, restaurants, boutiques and naturally offices.

The fleimio wine trolley and fleimio 5 shelf trolley are modifications of the original fleimio trolley. The overall design of them resembles the design of the fleimio trolley, but the wine trolley and 5 shelf trolley has five locations for the shelves, which makes it more suitable for e.g. magazines, company brochures – or naturally for wines in home parties or in cafes and bistros. Some people use the five shelf trolley for vinyl records.

Fleimio mini trolley is a versatile trolley side table that can be used as a bedside table too. One is able to store items suitable to one’s interior design in it. Moreover, it is easy to move from one place to another, because it has wheels. Therefore, one is able to easily rearrange the interior design any day.

First timer – the fleimio woodhopper – is a firewood cart, that helps moving, transporting and storing the firewood. As all other fleimio products, the fleimio woodhopper is designed in Finland.

Additionally, fleimio will bring some novelties too, but is not yet ready to tell about the novelties. There are rumours that at least some of the novelties may be new colours for the fleimio firewood carts…

fleimio-woodhopper woodhopper

The same week as Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm Design Week, shall also be organized presenting more than 100 highprofile design events at various venues around the city.

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