Question: quantity of logs that fit in the Fleimio Woodhopper?
Answer: about 2-3 times the quantity in an average log holder.

Question: Is the Fleimio Woodhopper stable?
Answer: Fleimio Woodhopper is stable in upright position when on a even ground. Please see to that there is enough air in the tyre. On an uneven ground – you can keep it in a horizontal position.

Question: Why only one wheel?
Answer: Yards and gardens are not often flat. Many times there are stones, roots, holes – hills – when having a one wheel is a benefit. Fleimio Woodhopper is agile to drive, since it has only one wheel as e.g. the wheel barrow.

Question: How to inflate the wheel?
Answer: inflate it easily by visiting the nearest gasoline station. Check that max pressure is 2 bar.

Question: how long logs fit in?
Answer: Fleimio Woodhopperin width is 23,5 cm – which means that logs should be more than 25 cm long. If you need to transport logs that are longer than 50 cm – please check that there are no doorways narrower than the logs.

Question: can I use the Fleimio Woodhopper indoors?
Answer: Yes you can – if YOU decide so. However, we recommend to use it only in open air, because the wheel may bring dirt or snow  indoors, which can be disadvantageous for the flooring.

Question: how does it behave in stairs?
Answer: Fleimio Woodhopper’s tyre diameter suits well the height of a standard stairs. When driving upwards in stairs – please pull (reverse) the Fleimio Woodhopper by holding it with two hands. When going down in stairs – drive normally. Pay attention to maintain stability if you have a heavy load firewood and in stairs. Drive carefully : )

Question: love the product – why isn’t it cheaper?
Answer: Fleimio Woodhopper is manufactured in Finland – and at least now – in small series. When demand for the product increases, the price will be cheaper. Please note that the price in Fleimio Online Store includes VAT 24% (Retail price VAT 0% is now 111,30 €).

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