fleimio 5 shelves trolley


fleimio 5 shelves trolley is a versatile storage solution for magazines, brochures and books.

dimensions:   99 x 39 x 28 cm
weight:           6 kg
colours:         white, grey, black or red
design:          Tero Jakku (MA) & fleimio



fleimio 5 shelves trolley is a versatile furniture for storing newspapers, magazines and books.

The fleimio 5 shelves trolley is a modified version of the fleimio trolley. The only difference being that the 5 shelves trolley has five regular shelves and five locations for the shelves. The shelves will have the same colour as the body of the fleimio 5 shelves trolley. Read more about the fleimio trolley here.

fleimio trolley with location for five shelvesfleimio 5 shelves trolley with magazinesFive shelves give more possibilities for usage. Therefore, the 5 shelves trolley is an elegant magazine or brochure stand or a little book shelf with wheels.

You are able to select how many shelves you will use. They are easy to remove and put back again.

Material is birch plywood. Upscale wood processing with laminated and lacquered surface finishing, results in exquisite touch and feel. It is equipped with high quality rubber rings. It will be delivered fully assembled – ready for use. The wheels make the it easy to relocate. You are able to keep the 5 shelves trolley in vertical or horizontal position depending on what you are storing in it.

Your 5 shelves trolley will give you years of service if you occasionally wipe its surfaces with a damp cloth and neutral liquid detergent. This also moves minor stains.After wiping, you should dry the surface.

We recommend to use the fleimio 5 shelves  trolley indoors.

The price difference compared to the original fleimio trolley is due to four additional shelves.



Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 99 x 39 x 28 cm

Black, Grey, Red, White


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