accessory: fleimio bag


fleimio bag is an accessory for the fleimio trolley.

fleimio bag colours:               white, light brown, orange and dark grey.
fleimio bag design:                  Leila Lassila
fleimio bag weight:                 0,4 kg



fleimio bag is an accessory for the fleimio trolley, which converts the trolley as an elegant storage furniture for textiles or toys. Some people use it as a laundry bag. The fleimio bag is tailor designed accessory for the fleimio trolley. One should have or buy one fleimio trolley in order to use the fleimio bag.

The fleimio bag is easy to assemble to the fleimio trolley:

  1. remove the shelves of the fleimio Trolley
  2. assemble the fleimio bag inside the trolley to the highest mid parts using the stickers in the bag.
  3. it is easy to remove
  4. each fleimio bag has washing instructions.

The fleimio bag is made of 100% cotton (240-250 g/m2) and includes washing instructions. The fleimio bags are manufactured in Estonia (EU).

The fleimio bag is designed by Leila Lassila from Finland. Now it is available in four colours. However, the colour assortment may change due to changes in fabrics available.

The fleimio trolley is a versatile products whose function may vary during the year thanks to fleimio accessories available. Read more about the fleimio trolley.


Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 99 x 39 x 28 cm

White, Light brown, Orange, Dark Grey


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