fleimio woodhopper


fleimio woodhopper is a firewood cart that helps you to move more firewood easier.
1 x fleimio woodhopper freight is 29 € in Europe and 19 € to Sweden and Finland.

colours:            grey / green
dimensions:    98 x 40 x 23,5 cm
weight:             6,5 kg
design:             Mika Hautamäki & fleimio



Fleimio Woodhopper is a firewood cart for transporting logs. Product is meant for those, who feel carrying firewood logs as heavy or for those, whose distance from the woodshed to the fireplace or to the sauna is long. Available in two colors: green and grey.

That is, it is a log cart that helps you to move more firewood easier. You are able to store and move approximately 2-3 times more firewood in it compared to a regular log holder. You are able to use it for rug rags if you like.

fleimio firewood carts - woodhoppers grey and greenfleimio woodhopper firewood cart with rug ragsfleimio woodhopper firewood cart (green) with logs












The fleimio logcart is designed for outdoor use – for firewood logs that are longer than 25 cm. The logs can naturally be much longer. Hence, check that you position them in the middle of the cart. Please see to that you are able to drive the logs out of the eventual door.

Using fleimio woodhopper is easy:
1. pile the logs to the cart as in photo here above.
2. drive the cart by using your both hands to keep it in upright position.
3. in stairs – we recommend to pull it upwards.
It is agile to drive, because it has only one wheel. It is possible to be stored in horizontal or vertical position.

Fleimio woodhopper is manufactured in Finland for Finnish yards and gardens. The fleimio logcart has only one wheel that makes it agile to drive outdoors where the yards and gardens are not always even: there are stones, roots and stumps. We recommend to use the fleimio logcart outdoors, because its wheel can bring dirt and stones that can harm the floor.

The fleimio logcart is a good for storing the firewood too. It helps keeping the firewood in good order. Additionally, it looks good. Good places where to keep the fleimio logcart with your logs are terrace, patio and any shelter that protects the logs from rain. You can keep the fleimio logcart in horizontal or vertical position.

The fleimio woodhopper is manufactured in Finland. Material is steel. The surface is powder coated. It is equipped with high-quality (4PR) air pressure rubber tyre (26 cm diameter, load capacity 200 kg). Wheel has a steel rim and sliding bearing.

It will be delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

Instructions how to keep your fleimio logcart in good condition:
1. see to that there is enough air in the tyre (max 2 bar, valve TR87).
2. wipe its painted surfaceswith a damp cloth from time to time.
3. when possible, do not let the log cart freeze. Hence, the wheel remains in better condition.

List of retailers here.

“Frequently Asked Questions” here.

Additional photos of the fleimio logcart from fleimio Pinterest.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 98 x 39 x 24 cm

Grey, Green


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