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Fabulous Storing: Sköna Hem 03/2018

Fabulous Storing: Sköna Hem 03/2018

Sköna Hem wrote about their ideas of fabulous storing in their newest number 4 (03/2018). One of the fabulous storing ideas was the fleimio trolley original.

The Sköna Hem wrote: “functional simplicity combined with the aesthetics. We have chosen the spring’s nicest and most clever storages.” Additionally, they wrote about the fleimio trolley original:” clever trolley on top of  wheels with places for books and firewood.”

fleimio trolley original - fabulous storage solution - sköna hemThe fleimio trolley’s design was created by Mr Tero Jakku (MA) from Finland. The trolley was created as a furniture for firewood in the beginning. Later, there has emerged new ways to use the trolley, e.g. for books, magazines, newspapers or for jeans.

Now the fleimio trolley is considered as a storage furniture. It is available in two models: either with locations for three or five shelves. There are two kinds of shelves available: either regular or wine. The trolley equipped with the wine shelves is called the fleimio wine trolley: a catering trolley for wines or milk cans – for office or home parties.

The trolley suits various spaces: homes, offices and hotels. It can have many different roles and functions depending on the space. The same trolley can be used for many roles: some day it can be a storing place for fire wood, some other day for company products, next day a stand for the company brochures – and on friday – the trolley for serving good quality red wine for the clients.

The fleimio trolley’s material is laminated birch veneer. It will be delivered fully assembled ready to be used. Dimensions are 100 x 400 x 28 cm. It weights about 6 kg. Currently it is available in four colours: white, grey, black and red.

We exhibited the accessories (regular shelf, wine shelf and fleimio bag) for the trolleys in the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018. Read more here: https://fleimio.com/product/accessory-fleimio-wine-shelf/


(The Sköna Hem article in Swedish: ” Fabulös förvaring – Funktionell enkelhet kombinerad med skön estetik. Vi har valt ut vårens snyggaste och smartaste förvaring.” Fleimio trolley original: “Finurlig vagn på hjul med plats för böcker och vedträn, 3 900 kr, Fleimio.”)

Read more about the interior design magazine Sköna Hem here.

accessory: fleimio bag


Modern Storage Furnitures by fleimio (12/2017)

Modern Storage Furnitures by fleimio (12/2017)

world around us has changed dramatically the past ten years, which has led to improvements and changes in education, in our personal lives and in our work. Therefore, there is demand for modern storage furnitures for contemporary interior design and home décor. This article describes the versatile fleimio trolley concept.

Furnitures today need to be practical and they should suit the overall ambience of the personal home, i.e. the “spirit of home”. Additionally, they should not cost too much, but on the other hand, the quality should be good so that they would last and be durable. Versatility is a great plus.

The fleimio trolley (design Tero Jakku 2010) was created as an elegant modern log holder in the beginning. However, the users of the trolley have invented new playful ways to use it. Therefore, today it is a versatile modern storage furniture. With the newly launched accessories, you are able to customise the fleimio trolley for your personal needs.

fleimio trolley models

Today there are several fleimio trolley models: fleimio mini trolley, fleimio trolley original, fleimio trolley 5 shelves and fleimio wine trolley, which is the fleimio trolley 5 shelves model with fleimio wine shelves.

The fleimio mini trolley has two shelves, out of which the top shelf can be changed into a different colour shelf or into a fleimio wine shelf. Read more about the fleimio mini trolley. The fleimio trolley original has three locations for the shelves, which can be regular or wine shelves. Read more about the fleimio trolley original. As the name tells, the fleimio trolley 5 shelves model can take five shelves. Read more about the fleimio trolley 5 shelves or about fleimio wine trolley.

As to the accessories, there are several accessories available: fleimio regular shelves, fleimio wine shelves and fleimio bags. Read more about the fleimio regular shelves, fleimio wine shelves and about fleimio bags.

fleimio wine shelves

fleimio regular shelvesfleimio bags four colours folded

There are many ways how the fleimio trolleys can be used and many places where they can be used. The same fleimio trolley can be used for storing newspapers, towels, firewood or jeans. It can be used in children’s room, bedroom or in the living room at home, or naturally in any public venue, shop, restaurant, hotel or office.

The fleimio trolleys have several functions; fleimio mini trolley is a versatile trolley sidetable, the original fleimio trolley an elegant log holder with wheels, the fleimio trolley 5 shelves, a magazine, vinyl record or book stand – and the fleimio wine trolley a catering trolley for wines for home parties or restaurant events.

red fleimio wine trolley with wine bottles

versatile fleimio trolley original


When you will remove the shelves from your trolley and put a fleimio bag to your trolley, it converts into a modern storage furniture for textiles or toys. Some people use it as a laundry system.

fleimio trolleys with fleimio bags

Additionally, they have wheels that enable moving them from one place to another easily, which may be a great benefit when thinking of practical home life, i.e. for example vacuum cleaning the home.

The same fleimio trolley can have various roles during the year: during summer, it can be used as a magazine or book stand, during spring and autumn as a stand for jeans or raincoats – and during winter as a modern log holder. When arranging parties, it can serve as a catering trolley with wine bottles.

Moreover, the new modern furnitures could bring some joy to life too. Inventing new creative and playful ways of using them may bring much fun for the whole family!

The fleimio trolleys are made of Finnish birch which grows 50-70 years before it will be converted into a modern storage furniture. The fleimio furnitures are made to last: both the usage and the looks.

The fleimio trolleys are available in four colours: white, grey, black and red. For the contract market there is a possibility to have fleimio trolleys with custom colour or custom pattern.


Design Year 2017: Highligts from the Top of Finnish Design – fleimio trolley 12/2017

Design Year 2017: Highligts from the Top of Finnish Design – fleimio trolley 12/2017

cover of the design year finland 2017 publication

Design Year 2017 is a new publication about extensive Finnish design. It is a timetravel to the history of design in the independent Finland. Additionally, it tells about highlights from the top of Finnish design describing the origin of each product. The publication presents approximately 100 Finnish designs.

Design Year 2017 publication was made since Finland celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence on the 6th of December 2017. The content of the publication is implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Design Organizations. The publication is bilingual, Finnish and English.

The publication goes through the history of the Finnish design and its masters: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen, Nils-Gustav Hahl, Tapio Virkkala, Kaj Franck, Ilmari Tapiovaara, Timo Sarpaneva, Yrjö Kukkapuro, Eero Aarnio to name a few, who have with their works made Finland known of its design since the beginning of our independence. Hopefully this development continues with the young design talents of Finland.

Additionally, the Design Year 2017 publication writes about the Highlights from the Top of Finnish design; describing a versatile group of design talents of Finland today. As the publication says, attention to detail, inspiration from the Finnish nature, functionality with many other aspects have been the key issues when turning an idea into a final product.

Among the Highlights of the Top of Finnish Design in the Design Year 2017 publication, is the fleimio trolley designed by designer Tero Jakku (MA). The Design year 2017 wrote: “Fleimio trolley’s story begins with firewood.” True. In the beginning, the fleimio trolley was designed to be a modern logholder, that is an elegant furniture for the firewood.

fleimio and fleimio trolley in Design Year 2017 publication

The fleimio trolley’s design, created by Mr Tero Jakku, has been untouched since the registration. However, the concept of the fleimio trolley has been evolved during the time. Now the fleimio trolley can be used in many ways and in many possible locations: in offices, hotels, public locations, restaurants and naturally in home décor.

The fleimio trolley is a modern storage furniture for example for magazines, vinyl records, books, firewood and jeans. It is a mobile furniture whose location in the premises is easy to change, because it has wooden wheels.

The key of the fleimio trolley concept is naturally in its versatile and functional design. Moreover, the available accessories: the extra fleimio regular shelves, the extra fleimio wine shelves and fleimio bags enable customising the fleimio trolley to one’s own needs. Fleimio trolley is made of birch.

The fleimio trolley is available in two sizes and in four regular colours. Moreover, the customised fleimio trolleys, i.e. trolleys with customised colour or pattern, are available for the professionals.

Design Year 2017 wrote: “…the movability of the product makes it versatile and it can even be a mobile bookshelf.” The new creative way to use the fleimio trolley is the right, says the fleimio.

So far the fleimio trolley original has been sold in more than 20 countries mainly in Europe. The design of the fleimio trolley is registered in the EU. Moreover, its design is protected by a design patent in the USA.

Read more about fleimio trolley or other fleimio trolley models. 

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