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green fleimio woodhopper


red fleimio wine trolley with wine bottles

Multifunctional fleimio trolleys

The fleimio trolleys can be used in many ways and for many purposes.

As a concept, the fleimio trolley is versatile: the products can be used for many purposes, they can be customised and have them in various places.

The fleimio wine trolley, for example, is an elegant catering trolley for parties.
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New Colours for fleimio woodhopper

The fleimio woodhopper is now available in new colors: red and black.

As a product, the fleimio woodhopper makes it easier to transport firewood if firewood feels heavy or if the travel distance from the woodshed to a fireplace or sauna is long.

The country of origin for fleimio woodhoppers is Finland.
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red and black fleimio woodhopper
fleimio wine shelves

Accessories for the fleimio trolleys now available!

Accessories for the fleimio trolleys now available at fleimio online shop: fleimio bags, fleimio regular and wine shelves. 

With accessories, your fleimio trolley can be customised for the function it is meant for. Normally the fleimio trolley original comes with one shelf. There are thus possible to obtain  two additional shelves, while the fleimio trolley 5 shelves comes standard with five shelves and the fleimio wine trolley is delivered with five wine shelves.

The function of your fleimio trolley can be changed by means of accessories throughout the year: in winter it can be for logs, a leaf or book stand that moves in the spring, and during a party, a rack for wines.. The fleimio mini trolley’s upper shelf can be changed into a wine shelf.

When removing all the shelves from the fleimio trolley, it can be fitted with a fleimio bag  that converts the product into a perfect place for storing textiles or toys. Some people use it as a stylish laundry basket.

Read more about fleimio bags, fleimio regular and wine shelves.

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