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fleimio’s 8 years anniversary on the 25th of March 2018

The name ‘fleimio’ was registered on the 25th of March 2010. Idea was to create a new Finnish design brand. The idea still exists, but the time needed for the execution is longer than anticipated.
The first fleimio product was the fleimio wood trolley, which was designed by Mr Tero Jakku (MA). Originally it was created to be as an elegant storing furniture for the firewood. Later it has become a versatile storing furniture to be used at home, in offices or in hotels.
Eight years ago the nice looking firewood for retailers’ fleimio trolley store presentations were selfmade. The name of the fleimio trolley was fleimio wood trolley / fleimio halkovaunu.
In eight years the fleimio product assortment has grown to eight products plus three accessories. Additionally, we have more colour variants available.
The number of retailers selling the fleimio products is increasing. Get acquainted with the fleimio products and find your nearest shop from the shorooms.

We are going to celebrate the 8 years anniversary soon.

bookkeepers fleimio trolley

Multifunctional fleimio trolleys

The fleimio trolleys can be used in many ways and for many purposes.

As a concept, the fleimio trolley is versatile: the products can be used for many purposes, they can be customised and have them in various places.

The fleimio wine trolley, for example, is an elegant catering trolley for parties.
Read more or get your own.

New Colours for fleimio woodhopper

The fleimio woodhopper is now available in new colors: red and black.

As a product, the fleimio woodhopper makes it easier to transport firewood if firewood feels heavy or if the travel distance from the woodshed to a fireplace or sauna is long.

The country of origin for fleimio woodhoppers is Finland.
Read more and get your own.

red and black fleimio woodhopper

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