Metsälehti Makasiini kansi

Metsälehti: fleimio woodhopper 04/2018

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 04/05/2018 |

Metsälehti: fleimio woodhopper 04/2018 Metsälehti Makasiini, a Finnish magazine about forests, wrote about the  fleimio woodhopper in their newest number 3 (26.04.2018). The fleimio woodhopper was selected as an award which will be sent to one of the readers who  gave his/hers opinion in the reader survey. The award will be elected. The Metsälehti Makasiini…

Terassilehden kansi 3 2018

Kevätmessut / Spring Fair: Terassi magazine 4/2018

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 17/04/2018 |

Kevätmessut / Spring Fair: Terassi magazine 4/2018 Kevätmessut / Spring Fair were held in Helsinki on the 12.-15th of April. Fleimio stand was located in the theme area of the Summer Cottage area. Terassi magazine  (n:o 3/2018) wrote about the fair itself and about the fleimio woodhopper. Fleimio participated the Spring Fair for the first…

fleimio trolley original - fabulous storage solution - sköna hem

Fabulous Storing: Sköna Hem 03/2018

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 14/03/2018 |

Fabulous Storing: Sköna Hem 03/2018 Sköna Hem wrote about their ideas of fabulous storing in their newest number 4 (03/2018). One of the fabulous storing ideas was the fleimio trolley original. The Sköna Hem wrote: ”functional simplicity combined with the aesthetics. We have chosen the spring’s nicest and most clever storages.” Additionally, they wrote about…

Fleimio @ Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 16/02/2018 |

Fleimio @ Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018 Finnish design company fleimio exhibited again at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. fleimio stand was AG:17, which was located between the halls A and B. Goal was to launch two new colours of the fleimio woodhopper and to present the new fleimio trolley concept…

fleimio historia

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 31/12/2017 |

2010 fleimio was founded 2011 fleimio original lanseerattiin– Mäntyharju loma-asuntomessut– Kokkola asuntomessut– Habitare / yhteistyössä Lapponia talot– Helsingin Sanomat, Glorian Koti, Divaani, Meidän Mökki, Deko, Maalla, Talo&Koti, Plaza Koti, Kauniit kodit, Avotakka, Kotiliesi, Koti ja keittiö 2012 fleimio original gift pack (premium koivuklapit) & fleimio woodhopper #1 lanseerattiin– Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair– Scandinavia Show…

versatile fleimio trolleys for playful use

Modern Storage Furnitures by fleimio (12/2017)

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 25/12/2017 |

Modern Storage Furnitures by fleimio (12/2017) world around us has changed dramatically the past ten years, which has led to improvements and changes in education, in our personal lives and in our work. Therefore, there is demand for modern storage furnitures for contemporary interior design and home décor. This article describes the versatile fleimio trolley…

cover of the design year finland 2017 publication

Design Year 2017: Highligts from the Top of Finnish Design – fleimio trolley 12/2017

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 07/12/2017 |

Design Year 2017: Highligts from the Top of Finnish Design – fleimio trolley 12/2017 Design Year 2017 is a new publication about extensive Finnish design. It is a timetravel to the history of design in the independent Finland. Additionally, it tells about highlights from the top of Finnish design describing the origin of each product.…

fleimio stand D7 hall 7 M&O Paris sep 2017

Fleimio Launched Novelties at the Maison & Objet Paris 8.-12th of September 2017

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 08/11/2017 |

Design company fleimio from finland exhibited for the 5th time at the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris on the 8.-12th of September. The stand of fleimio D7 was located in a great location in hall 7 (now! design a vivre!) where fleimio presented its novelties widening its range of modern storage furnitures. It…

fleimio-trolley by the fireplace

How to Select a Proper Way to Transport Firewood to the Fireplace

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 01/11/2017 |

People in the Nordic Countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) burn a lot firewood in their fireplaces in order to warm up their houses during the winter when the outdoor temperature is often freezen (below 0 centigrades). Traditionally the firewood are carried by using a log holder or a cardboard box. However, winters are long…

Hus & Hem 9/2017: help with firewood – fleimio woodhopper

Kirjoittajalta Jussi Leimio | 05/09/2017 |

Hus & Hem 9/2017: help with firewood – fleimio woodhopper Swedish Hus & Hem magazine wrote in their 9/2017 issue: ”help with firewood – fleimio woodhopper” in their ”everything for the house” article. The magazine wrote: ”it is time to think about job which helps in warming in the winter. A logcart is a good…