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Micasa: Trendy Tips to Home Decoration 11/2016

Micasa: Trendy Tips to Home Decoration 11/2016

Micasa magazine from Spain wrote about New Trendy Tips to Home Decoration in their november issue (11/2016) written by Susana González. Micasa wrote:
“Want to brag about a home to the last? There are ten tips that will allow you to enjoy a trendy decoration in each season.”


Micasa gave ten ideas to furnish the house – some of them could be good christmas gift ideas – and one of them were Fleimio Mini Trolley.
Micasa wrote about the versatility of the product: “The mini trolley, from the Fleimio company, is a cart, bedside table, night table and
for wood burning. Made of birch veneer.”


Additionally, Micasa magazine liked the mobility and versatility of the Mini: one is able to change the location and the function
of the Mini easily. If you want to read more about the versatility of the Fleimio Trolleys – please read the
Fleimio blog http://fleimio.fi/fleimio-trolley-versatile-furniture/?lang=en

Fleimio Mini was launched on the Maison & Objet in Paris in the beginning of September 2016. The design of the Mini
resembles the design of the Fleimio Trolley designed by Tero Jakku (MA) from Finland.

You are able to read the whole story from Micasa Online Magazine: http://www.micasarevista.com/ideas-decoracion/decalogo-del-new-look


Keski-Uusimaa Newspaper: Fleimio Woodhopper is Agile 11/2016

Keski-Uusimaa Newspaper: Fleimio Woodhopper is Agile 11/2016

Keski-Uusimaa newspaper wrote a story about Fleimio Woodhopper which was published 2.11.2016. Newspaper wrote:
“Firewood cart that is agile to drive over the roots on the yard.”


In this story, the entrepreneur from Tuusula Jussi Leimio tells that the idea behind the product was based on fact that in
nordic countries the firewood logs need to be carried from outside in. With the help of Fleimio Woodhopper this is easy.

Fleimio Woodhopper is designed for Finnish landscape. Even the colour of the product is carefully thought. Keski-Uusimaa
newspaper writes, that Fleimio Woodhopper has already 60 retailers in Finland who sell the product. The northest retailer is l
ocated in Levi in Lappland.

– Great that the Kesko stores have got excited in Woodhopper, says Leimio in the article.

This story belong to Keski-Uusimaa newspaper’s “design from the Tuusula region” serie, where the newspaper present
designers and entrepreneurs who work in Tuusula region.


Fleimio is privately owned design company from Tuusula, which was founded 2010. Fleimio is known for its products
having a function, but with fresh outlook. Fleimio products are manufactured in Finland. Several factories and many smaller
subcontractors belong to the Fleimio network. Fleimio had more than 100 retailers in 19 various countries. Fleimio will
exhibit its product assortment on the Stockholme Furniture & Light fair in Stockholm february 2017.

More info about the Fleimio Woodhopper: http://fleimio.fi/product/fleimio-woodhopper/?lang=en

Frequently asked questions regarding the Fleimio Woodhopper: http://fleimio.fi/fleimio-woodhopper-faq-2/?lang=en

Fleimio Woodhopper retailers: http://fleimio.fi/open-air/?lang=en

Read the whole Keski-Uusimaa story in Finnish:

Fleimio Trolley: Versatile Furniture

Fleimio Trolley: Versatile Furniture

Fleimio Trolley is a versatile furniture. For many it is an elegant storage furniture for firewood logs.
On the other hand, for some it is a new way to store books.

Fleimio Trolley on tyylikäs säilytyspaikka polttopuille

Fleimio Trolley (design Tero Jakku, MA) is a furniture with wheels that is made off birch. The idea for
the product came while observing how people stored their firewood. We found that there was a demand
for a furniture that would serve as a stylish frame for the logs and that would help in moving them.
Later the Fleimio Trolley has been used for storing magazines or books.

In Nordic Countries, houses are very often warmed by using firewood logs. Therefore, the firewood logs
are a natural element in interior design. Part of local lifestyle.

The fresh and timeless outlook with functionality helping the usability gives the Fleimio Trolley wide
opportunities to use it in interior design. The Fleimio Trolley has a chance to become a modern design classic.


About a month ago the Fleimio Trolley was launched as a Mini version in Maison & Objet Paris.
The Mini version works well as a sidetable.


Fleimio Trolley and Fleimio Mini Trolley are manufacted in white, grey, red and black by a local carpenter.


One can surely find even new ways to use this fresh looking product in ones own interior design.

Dwell: Fleimio Trolley 11/2014

Dwell: Fleimio Trolley 11/2014

Dwell USA wrote about “10 Creative Ways to Store Firewood”, and Fleimio Trolley was selected as number 4 – and the only log storage solution with wheels.


10 Creative Ways to Store Firewood


NOVEMBER 4, 2014
So you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace or wood-burning stove at home, but where to place fuel for the flames? Look no further than our guide on carryalls and storage for kindling.
For over 15 years, Dwell has championed good design, and is widely credited with igniting a conversation about how good design affects our lives. That grounding principle created a media company and, in turn, drove a cultural movement in which influential thought leaders pursue innovation and challenge old ideas.

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