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Metsälehti: fleimio woodhopper 04/2018

Metsälehti: fleimio woodhopper 04/2018

Metsälehti Makasiini, a Finnish magazine about forests, wrote about the  fleimio woodhopper in their newest number 3 (26.04.2018). The fleimio woodhopper was selected as an award which will be sent to one of the readers who  gave his/hers opinion in the reader survey. The award will be elected.

fleimio woodhopper in Metsälehti makasiini 042018

The Metsälehti Makasiini wrote: “among all of you who answered before the 11th of May, we will conduct an election and will send one Finnish fleimio woodhopper logcart to the winner. The woodhopper suits well among other things to move firewood.” (kaikkien 11. toukokuuta mennessä vastanneiden kesken arvomme fleimion kotimaisen woodhopper-kärryn, joka sopii muun muassa klapien kuljettamiseen. Palkinnon arvo on noin 138 €)

fleimio woodhopper Metsälehti BIGFleimio Woodhopper is a firewood cart for transporting logs. Product is meant for those, who feel carrying firewood logs as heavy or for those, whose distance from the woodshed to the fireplace or to the sauna is long.

Using fleimio woodhopper is easy:
1. pile the logs to the cart as in photo here above.
2. drive the cart by using your both hands to keep it in upright position.
3. in stairs – we recommend to pull it upwards.
It is agile to drive, because it has only one wheel. It is possible to be stored in horizontal or vertical position.

The fleimio logcart has only one wheel that makes it agile to drive outdoors where the yards and gardens are not always even: there are stones, roots and stumps. We recommend to use the fleimio logcart outdoors, because its wheel can bring dirt and stones that can harm the floor.

The fleimio woodhopper is an agile tool for moving and storing firewood. However, it can be used in a versatile manner for other things as well. The fleimio woodhopper is designed for outdoor use. Manufactured in Finland. Design by Mr Mika Hautamäki & fleimio. It is available in four colours: green, grey, black and red.

The fleimio woodhopper was exhibited at the Maison & Objet Paris in September 2017, in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February 2018 and in Spring Fair (Kevätmessut) Helsinki April 2018.

Instructions how to keep your fleimio logcart in good condition:
1. see to that there is enough air in the tyre (max 2 bar, valve TR87).
2. wipe its painted surfaces with a damp cloth from time to time.
3. when possible, do not let the fleimio woodhopper’s tyre freeze.

List of retailers here.

“Frequently Asked Questions” here.

Additional photos of the fleimio logcart from fleimio Pinterest.

Kevätmessut / Spring Fair: Terassi magazine 4/2018

Kevätmessut / Spring Fair: Terassi magazine 4/2018

Kevätmessut / Spring Fair were held in Helsinki on the 12.-15th of April. Fleimio stand was located in the theme area of the Summer Cottage area. Terassi magazine  (n:o 3/2018) wrote about the fair itself and about the fleimio woodhopper.

Fleimio participated the Spring Fair for the first time and visitor feedback was good. Fleimio exhibited the fleimio trolley concept, fleimio mini trolley and fleimio woodhoppers on the fair.

fleimio trolleys and woodhoppers in Spring Fair Helsinki 2018The Spring Fair was held in Helsinki Fair Centre and had more than 40 000 visitors. Visitors were mainly from Finland. Saturday and sunday were the most popular days in the fair.

It was amazing that there were plenty of visitors that had never seen the fleimio trolleys or carts: there were many saying that the fleimio trolley and fleimio mini trolley are beauties – and that fleimio woodhopper is an innovation!

red fleimio woodhopper is a popular colour Spring Fair 2018The fleimio woodhopper is a logcart that helps in moving and storing firewood outdoors. It has only one wheel which makes it easy to drive on uneven surfaces outdoors. One fleimio woodhopper takes wood appr as much as 2,5 x traditional logholder. Logs should be > 25 cm long.

The fleimio woodhopper is designed and manufactured in Finland. It will be delivered fully assembled ready for use in a cardboard box.

The fleimio woodhopper is currently available in four colours: green, grey, black and red. In Spring Fair – the success of the red fleimio woodhopper was a surprise. Now the red ones are out of stock.

Terassi magazine wrote: “Finnish fleimio-logcart for transporting firewood. Big rubber wheel runs smoothly in garden and outdoors. Many colours. 138 €. www.fleimio.com. 7e140-1”

fleimio woodhopper Terassi magazine 3 2018Terassi magazine and its Oi!-Fair Magazine 2018 now available in stores in Finland.

visitors Spring Fair Helsinki fleimio 2018   boat by the fleimio stand Spring Fair 2018

Fabulous Storing: Sköna Hem 03/2018

Fabulous Storing: Sköna Hem 03/2018

Sköna Hem wrote about their ideas of fabulous storing in their newest number 4 (03/2018). One of the fabulous storing ideas was the fleimio trolley original.

The Sköna Hem wrote: “functional simplicity combined with the aesthetics. We have chosen the spring’s nicest and most clever storages.” Additionally, they wrote about the fleimio trolley original:” clever trolley on top of  wheels with places for books and firewood.”

fleimio trolley original - fabulous storage solution - sköna hemThe fleimio trolley’s design was created by Mr Tero Jakku (MA) from Finland. The trolley was created as a furniture for firewood in the beginning. Later, there has emerged new ways to use the trolley, e.g. for books, magazines, newspapers or for jeans.

Now the fleimio trolley is considered as a storage furniture. It is available in two models: either with locations for three or five shelves. There are two kinds of shelves available: either regular or wine. The trolley equipped with the wine shelves is called the fleimio wine trolley: a catering trolley for wines or milk cans – for office or home parties.

The trolley suits various spaces: homes, offices and hotels. It can have many different roles and functions depending on the space. The same trolley can be used for many roles: some day it can be a storing place for fire wood, some other day for company products, next day a stand for the company brochures – and on friday – the trolley for serving good quality red wine for the clients.

The fleimio trolley’s material is laminated birch veneer. It will be delivered fully assembled ready to be used. Dimensions are 100 x 400 x 28 cm. It weights about 6 kg. Currently it is available in four colours: white, grey, black and red.

We exhibited the accessories (regular shelf, wine shelf and fleimio bag) for the trolleys in the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018. Read more here: https://fleimio.com/product/accessory-fleimio-wine-shelf/


(The Sköna Hem article in Swedish: ” Fabulös förvaring – Funktionell enkelhet kombinerad med skön estetik. Vi har valt ut vårens snyggaste och smartaste förvaring.” Fleimio trolley original: “Finurlig vagn på hjul med plats för böcker och vedträn, 3 900 kr, Fleimio.”)

Read more about the interior design magazine Sköna Hem here.

accessory: fleimio bag


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