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Maalla 5/2016: Fleimio Woodhopper made in Finland

Maalla 5/2016: Fleimio Woodhopper made in Finland

Maalla magazine (5/2016) wrote about Fleimio Woodhopper. Magazine wrote like: “Fleimio Woodhopper is made in Finland – and a handy helper when transporting firewood logs.”

Fleimio Woodhopper Maalla 5 s19 22062016Fleimio Woodhopper has only one wheel – as in wheel barrows – which enables agile and stable driving in unstable yards. Fleimio Woodhopper is made in Finland and available at Fleimio Online Store and in Kesko in Finland and Connox in Germany. More information www.fleimio.fi.

Fleimio Korjaamo Design Market 5/2016

Fleimio Korjaamo Design Market 5/2016

Fleimio on the Korjaamo Design Market 28.-29th of May 2016 for the first time. Fleimio stand can be found right after the entrance (number 34).

There is a free entrance to the Korjaamo Design Market. The doors will be open at 11-17 o’clock both days.

Korjaamo design Market 28.-29th May 2016
Korjaamo design Market 28.-29th May 2016


Fleimio Wood Trolley Five Years 4/2016

Fleimio Wood Trolley Five Years 4/2016

Fleimio Wood Trolley Five Years 4/2016: exactly five years ago – the Fleimio Wood Trolley was launched on the Finnish market.

Fleimio Halkovaunut Sisustusliike Zaza:n ikkunassa kesä 2011
Fleimio Wood Trolleys at Design Boutique Zaza window / Summer 2011


Fleimio Wood Trolley, an elegant storage place for firewood logs, umbrellas or newspapers, was originally manufactured by form-pressing laminated birch veneer.

Fleimio Wood Trolley with its elegant forms and usability is designed by a Finn Tero Jakku (MA). Package design was created in cooperation with Lahti Design Institute. Final package graphics were designed by Ms Marianne Puisto.

FIrst retailers for the Fleimio Wood Trolley were found from Helsinki: Zaza (nowadays formverk living) and Zarro. The first Wood Trolley was sold from Zarro in early April 2011.

First retailer outside Finland was Gösta Westerberg Möbler in Stockholm. After frequent trade fair exhibitions – the number of retailers grew constantly.

Illums Bolighus / Kööpenhamina ja Fleimio Halkovaunu (Wood Trolley)
Illums Bolighus / Copenhagen Denmark and Fleimio Wood Trolley

One of the greatest retailers with great product store presentations abroad was Illums Bolighus from Copenhagen.

Fleimio Wood Trolley has been noticed by the interior design magazines well. First story was made by Glorian Koti from Finland. After this, almost every Finnish design magazines have noticed the Wood Trolley.



First fairs – Fleimio Wood Trolley participated – was the Holiday Home Fair at Mäntyharju Finland June-July 2011. Fleimio Wood Trolley was exhibited at three second homes. Afterwards, the Fleimio Wood Trolley as part of the Fleimio assortment, has been exhibited at several international trade fairs in Europe.

Customers have wished the widen the Fleimio Wood Trolley assortment. Now design producer Fleimio is thinking of widening the colour range and launching a new accessories for the product.

Mäntyharjun loma-asuntomessut 2011 ja Pohjolan Design-Talo sekä Fleimio Halkovaunu
Mäntyharju Holiday Housing Fair 2011 / Pohjola Design-Talo and Fleimio Wood Trolley.

Today Fleimio has five products:  Fleimio Shoe Helper (2013), Fleimio Pine Cone shelf (2013), Fleimio Woodhopper (2014) and  Fleimio Acoustic Stand (2015).

Fleimio Woodhopper – which will be launched Spring 2016 – got inspired by Fleimio Wood Trolley: Fleimio Woodhopper is a firewood cart for outdoor use. It will be available at the DIY stores.

Design Producer Fleimio

Fleimio creates products for easier living. Fleimio is a design producer from Tuusula whose products combine the improved usability and fresh outlook. Fleimio was founded 2010.

Seamless partnership both with the local Finnish subcontractors and with local designers ensures the quality of the Fleimio products.

Fleimio has a sincere will to create new products to improve the quality of living indoors or in open air. Fleimio products are available on our Online Store or via the Fleimio retailers.



Fleimio Birthday Campaign 3/2016

Fleimio will have its 6th anniversary on the 25th of March. We celebrate that on the Fleimio Birthday Campaign 15.-25th of March. Visit Fleimio Online Store store.fleimio.fi for our campaign offerings.

Fleimio Halkovaunu Pariisin Maison & Objet -messuilla elokuussa 2014.
Fleimio Halkovaunu Pariisin Maison & Objet -messuilla elokuussa 2014.

Fleimio was founded 25th of March 2010. Its first product – the Fleimio Wood Trolley – was launched in April 2011. Today Fleimio has several retailers mainly in Europe. Fleimio has five products out of which the majority are for interior design and one – the Fleimio Woodhopper – for open air use.

Fleimio is a privately owned design producer from Tuusula Finland.

E-mail Problems 3/2016

We have noticed a major problem with e-mails. We have not received e-mails sent to us. Moreover, e-mails sent by us have not reached our customers. We kindly ask for apologies for all people concerned. We are very sorry.

E-mail problem concerns mainly our website and online store e-mails. We aim at finding the reason for this and solving the problems as soon as possible.

New Fleimio Woodhopper Available 2/2016

New Fleimio Woodhopper Available

Fleimio Woodhopper is now available for pre-orders in the Fleimio online store (store.fleimio.fi). Deliveries start end of March 2016.


Fleimio Woodhopper is a tool for transporting more firewood easier. It is agile to use, because it has only one tyre. Recommended for outdoor use only.

Pile the firewood to it as shown in the picture above. Logs should be >25 cm. It is easy to drive – keep your both hands on it when driving. You are the engine.

Fleimio Woodhopper size is 98 x 40 x 24 cm and it weights 6,5 kg. It is designed by Mr Mika Hautamäki and Jussi Leimio – and manufactured in Finland.

Material is 25 mm bent metal. 26 cm diameter wheel goes well in standard stairs. However, be careful with stairs.

The Fleimio Woodhopper takes 2-3 times more firewood logs compared to the normal log holder – and it is easier to transport the logs to the house from the wood shed.

Pile more than 25 cm long firewood logs to Fleimio Woodhopper as in the picture on the cover. Drive with both hands. You can store it in horizontal or vertical position.

Keep the metal surfaces clean by wiping them occasionally with a damp cloth. See to that there is enough air in the tyre.

Fire 1/2016

Carpenter’s – that manufactures Fleimio Wood Trolleys and Fleimio Acoustic Stands – factory is burning. Fire was detected on the 29th of January. Do not know yet the damages.

Delivery timetables for the products will be long from now on. We apologise our partners and customers. However, we ask for your kind understanding.

Fleimio Trolley Maison & Travaux 11/2015

Fleimio Trolley Maison & Travaux

French interior design magazine Maison & Travaux verified various modern log holders (page 8) in their newest edition – and Fleimio Trolley ( deux en un, i.e. two in one ) was one of them – and the only one with wheels.

Fleimio Wood Trolley_Maison&Travaux_112015
Fleimio Porte Buche / Maison & Travaux Nov 2015

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