fleimio art-gallery

fleimio art-gallery is a new art gallery that opened in January 2020. It is located in the center of Tuusula at Kaupparaitti 3. It is part of the fleimio design-art-work. The fleimio art-gallery aims to organize eleven art exhibitions a year. The aim of the profile of the exhibitions is that the fleimio art gallery can display a wide range of art techniques: graphics, oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, canvas paintings, sculptures and photographic works.

Rainbow Dash art exhibition 1. - 28.8.2020

In August, the fleimio art gallery will feature the Rainbow Dash Art Exhibition, a group exhibition of four female artists. The Rainbow Dash is open-minded, cheerful and colorful art exhibition. The versatile ensemble consists of works made with different techniques: installations, paintings and sculptures are on display in the premises. Invitations to the opening of the exhibition in August will be sent soon.

Rainbow dash Susanna Autio popcorn kuva Rose-Mari Torpo 01072020

Photo: Susanna Autio: Popcorn (photo credits: Rose-Mari Torpo)


The Rainbow Dash art exhibition features works by the following artists: Susanna Autio, Siiri Pohjolainen, Linda Roschier and Rose-Mari Torpo. Here you can find these artists 'views on art: Rainbow Dash artists' statement. Below you can find more information about Rainbow Dash artists:

Susanna Autio
Siiri Pohjolainen
Linda Roschier
Rose-Mari Torpo

Rainbow Dash art works

  1. Siiri Pohjolainen: Sunset (2020) 220 x 180 cm, place-specific textile work 5000 €
  2. Linda Roschier: About seeing (2019) 41 x 33 cm, oil paint for linen  700 €
  3. Linda Roschier: Shadow (2019) 41 x 33 cm, oil paint for linen   700 €
  4. Rose-Mari Torpo: Entrance (2019) 140 x 110 cm, mixed technique for polyester and fabric  2500 €
  5. Linda Roschier: Approach (2020) 41 x 33 cm, oil paint for linen 700 €
  6. Rose-Mari Torpo: Pixelled (2020) 20 x 20 cm, ink for flannel 400 €
  7. Linda Roschier: Curiosity (2019) 41 x 33 cm, oil paint and beeswax on linen 700 €
  8. Siiri Pohjolainen: In my pocket (2017) 55 x 30 cm, mixed technique for fabric 800 €
  9. Susanna Autio: Degadenz (2020) polyurethane, wood color 990 €
  10. Susanna Autio: Popcorn (2020) polyurethane, acrylic 1200 €
  11. Rose-Mari Torpo: Curtain (2019) 140 x 110 cm, ink and acrylic for fabric and polyester 2500 €
  12. Linda Roschier: Arrival (2020) 42 x 34 cm, oil paint for linen 750 €
  13. Linda Roschier: Nightshade (2019) 42 x 34 cm, oil paint for linen 750 €
  14. Rose-Mari Torpo: Landscape (2020) 33 x 33 cm, ink and acrylic for fabric  600 €
  15. Linda Roschier: Planting (2020) 41 x 33 cm, oil paint for linen 700 €
  16. Susanna Autio: Stone or not (2020) polyurethane, acrylic  650 €
  17. Linda Roschier: Odyssey (2020) 60 x 51 cm, oil paint for linen  890 €
  18. Susanna Autio: White Stuff (2020) polyurethane, wood color  780 €

A printed catalog of the Rainbow Dash art works is available and can be taken with you in the fleimio art-gallery.

Rainbow Dash 2 fleimio art-gallery august 2020   Rainbow Dash fleimio art-gallery august 2020

photos: Rainbow Dash fleimio art-gallery (photo credits: Rose-Mari Torpo ja Siiri Pohjolainen)

Additional information regarding the fleimio art-gallery

The fleimio art-gallery serves visitors during the exhibition and provides guidance. The opening hours of the fleimio shop are MON-FRI 10-17 and SAT 9-14. We will tell you about the summer opening hours and upcoming events on the front page of our fleimio.com website.

fleimio taidenäyttely

Photo: Maritta Meckelborg art exhibition at fleimio art-galleryssä February & March 2020 (photo credits: Antti Kallio / Studioverstas)


The curator chosen by the fleimio art-gallery selects the artist of the exhibition, with whom the schedule and content of the respective exhibition are agreed in good time. The exhibitions at the fleimio art-gallery give artists the opportunity to present their works in the center of Tuusula. Alongside the exhibitions, we aim to invite people to come to discuss and participate in fleimio events.

fleimio art-gallery can hold either a small or a large exhibition: the exhibition area of ​​a small space is about 35 m2, the wall area for works is 30 m2. The exhibition space of the large space is about 100 m2 and this means that the works of art are also on display in the fleimio design store. The artist can visit the exhibition spaces at any time before the exhibition. The duration of one exhibition is negotiable: three to four weeks. The rent for the exhibition will be invoiced before the opening of the exhibition.

fleimio design-art-work pohjapiirrustus

Photo: ground plan of the  fleimio design-art-work


fleimio art-gallery, in collaboration with artists, designs performances of the works on site in the spaces where the works will be installed. The artist is responsible for the presentation of his works and the building of the exhibition, as well as for taking away the art work and cleaning according to a jointly agreed schedule. The artist undertakes to leave the premises after the exhibition in the condition they were in before the artist's exhibition. In addition, the artist prepares the sold works ready for pick-up for pick-up by the customers who purchased them when the exhibition is over.

fleimio art-gallery, in collaboration with the artist, makes a catalog of works, which at the same time serves as a sales brochure for visitors to the exhibition. The artist sets the price for his works in collaboration with fleimio. The fleimio art-gallery presents and sells the artist's works during the exhibition and receives a sales commission. In collaboration with the artist, we plan possible events and other occasions related to the exhibition.

fleimio art-gallery's surprise exhibition april 2020

Photo: fleimio art-gallery surprise exhibition April & May & June 2020  (photo credits: Antti Kallio / Studioverstas)