The Art of Waiting 3. - 30.11.2020

In November, Katariina Souri's The Art of Waiting art exhibition will be on display at the fleimio art-gallery.

Katariina Souri teoskuva fleimio art-gallery marraskuu 2020

The Art of Waiting

"Fulfillment is in that fragile moment when a dream and its realization touch each other.

Living in the moment is living in what is conscious or thoughtless. My own works echo a well-defined moment and a holistic presence. They are situated in a vague intermediate state of waiting and unpredictability, in which the past and the future are strongly present, and in constant motion in the current rising from the subconscious.

In the state of waiting, it is possible to look at life and truth from a distance. Where settling for a moment is a descent into what is real right now and here, a state of waiting stretches the experience in every conceivable direction. Truth has no form but is constantly changing. What matters is the experience itself and its intensity. The state of waiting is built on abundance, sprawl, vagueness, and the unpredictability of things. What matters is not the goal or its realization, but the fact that one can look at one's dreams and opportunities so closely that they seem possible. Often that is enough."

.                             Katariina Souri

As a painter, Katariina Souri is mainly self-taught, but has practiced technique and the use of color under the private direction of the artist Kimmo Tolin. His primary techniques are oil paints and acrylics.

Katariina has previously held art exhibitions e.g. in Gallery 4-six and Oljemark and in Stadio Gallery in Kauniainen. He has had his own Art Store in Punavuori and Kruununhaka in Helsinki. Next summer, he plans to open his own exhibition space in Sipoo, which is connected to the traditional space concept.

Katariina Souri's The Art of Waiting art exhibition will be on display at the fleimio art-gallery 3.-30th of November 2020. The opening hours of the fleimio art-gallery are Mon-Fri 10-17 and Sat 9-14.

The printed list of works in this art exhibition can be viewed at the fleimio art-gallery.

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