fleimio art-gallery

fleimio art-gallery is a new art gallery in the center of Tuusula at Kaupparaitti 3. It is part of the fleimio design-art-work. fleimio design-art-work hosts eleven art exhibitions a year. The profile of fleimio design-art-work exhibitions is not restricted to any particular art. The goal is that in fleimio Art Gallery the artists can present works of graphics, oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, fabric and photography.

fleimio taidenäyttely

Art-Gallery calendar 2020:

31.1.-28.3.2020 Maritta Meckelborg
1.-30.4.2020 Hanna-Leena Iskanius & Sari Myllymäki (cancelled because of Corona virus)
1.-30.4.2020 "Trust, believe and live" surprise exhibition
2.-31.5.2020 Soili Talja (cancelled because of Corona virus)
1.-31.7.2020 "reserved"

Click here if you would like to see the march art exhibition (sorry in Finnish): https://fleimio.com/fleimio_art-gallery_maaliskuu2020/

Click here if you would like to see the april's surprise exhibition (sorry in Finnish): https://fleimio.com/fleimio-art-gallery-huhtikuu2020/

fleimio design-art-work selects the artist for the exhibition, with whom the schedule and content of each exhibition will be agreed well in advance. The goal is to sell as many works of the artist as possible during the exhibition. Fleimio art-gallery's exhibitions give artists the opportunity to showcase their works in downtown Tuusula. Alongside the exhibitions, we try to invite people to come and talk and participate in fleimio events.

fleimio design-art-work space can hold either a small or a large exhibition: the small space has an exhibition space of about 35 m2 and the wall space for the works is 30 m2. The large space has an exhibition space of approximately 100 m2, which means that works of art are also on display at the fleimio design shop. The artist can visit the exhibition premises at any time before the exhibition. One exhibition lasts three to four weeks. The rent of the exhibition is invoiced before the opening of the exhibition.

fleimio art-gallery's surprise exhibition april 2020

In co-operation with artists, fleimio design-art-work designs the outlook of works in the spaces where the works will be installed. The artist is responsible for setting the presentation  of the works of the exhibition, as well as for the dismantling and cleaning according to the agreed schedule. The artist undertakes to leave the premises after the exhibition in the condition that existed before the artist's exhibition. In addition, the artist are asked to prepare the sold-out works for pick-up by the customers who purchased them when the exhibition is over.

In co-operation with the artist, fleimio design-art-work compiles a catalog of works that will serve as a sales brochure for visitors at the same exhibition. The artist sets the price for his works in collaboration with fleimio. During the exhibition, fleimio design-art-work presents and sells the artist's works and receives a sales commission on it.

fleimio design-art-work, in collaboration with the artist, designs event and other events related to the exhibition. fleimio design-art-work serves visitors during the exhibition and provides guidance. fleimio opening hours are MON-FRI 10-17 and SAT 9-14.