fleimio is a story about dreams, life and trust.

fleimio is a Finnish design company which was founded by Jussi Leimio in Tuusula in 2010.

At its best, fleimio had more than 200 dealers in 23 European countries. However, both manufacturing and sales of products were discontinued in December 2018 when resources were insufficient to fight against copying.

However, January 2020, fleimio design-art-work that is a new and fresh cocktail of art & design was opened. It was closed on the 31st of December 2020 as the rental agreement was discontinued. The address of the fleimio design shop was Kaupparaitti 3, Tuusula.

In order to prevent copying the fleimio products in the future, each new fleimio product have a register number that makes the product unique and adds its value. Read more https://fleimio.com/en/general/how-to-identify-a-genuine-fleimio-product-2-2020/.

read more:
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Jussi Leimio:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jussi-leimio/

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info @ fleimio.com