Fleimio Woodhopper Launch

Fleimio launched Fleimio Woodhopper. An agile firewood conveyor for outdoor purposes.


Fleimio Woodhopper is manufactured in Finland.


Fleimio Woodhopper can be positioned in horizontal or vertical position.

Fleimio Woodhopper is agilely movable firewood storage, because it has only one wheel. This clever tool facilitates firewood deliveries even in challenging landscapes and weather conditions you being the pusher. We recommend to use the Fleimio Woodhopper outdoors only.

Fleimio Woodhopper is made of 25 mm steel pipe. Firewood logs ought to be more than 25 cm long.

Logs should be piled as shown in the image. One should keep both hands on the Woodhopper while driving. 26 cm diameter air pressure wheel enables going up and down the standard stairs. However, one needs to be careful in stairs.

Size of  the product: 98 x 40 x 23,5 cm
Product weight: 8 kg.
Design: Mika Hautamäki & Jussi Leimio 2011.

Price: 268 €/pc (incl value added tax 24%).

Please contact Fleimio customer service (info at fleimio.fi) – if you would be interested in being Fleimio Woodhopper retailer. Fleimio Woodhopper is sold via Fleimio online store (store.fleimio.fi).