Kevätmessut / Spring Fair: Terassi magazine 4/2018

Kevätmessut / Spring Fair were held in Helsinki on the 12.-15th of April. Fleimio stand was located in the theme area of the Summer Cottage area. Terassi magazine  (n:o 3/2018) wrote about the fair itself and about the fleimio woodhopper.

Fleimio participated the Spring Fair for the first time and visitor feedback was good. Fleimio exhibited the fleimio trolley concept, fleimio mini trolley and fleimio woodhoppers on the fair.

fleimio trolleys and woodhoppers in Spring Fair Helsinki 2018The Spring Fair was held in Helsinki Fair Centre and had more than 40 000 visitors. Visitors were mainly from Finland. Saturday and sunday were the most popular days in the fair.

It was amazing that there were plenty of visitors that had never seen the fleimio trolleys or carts: there were many saying that the fleimio trolley and fleimio mini trolley are beauties – and that fleimio woodhopper is an innovation!

red fleimio woodhopper is a popular colour Spring Fair 2018The fleimio woodhopper is a logcart that helps in moving and storing firewood outdoors. It has only one wheel which makes it easy to drive on uneven surfaces outdoors. One fleimio woodhopper takes wood appr as much as 2,5 x traditional logholder. Logs should be > 25 cm long.

The fleimio woodhopper is designed and manufactured in Finland. It will be delivered fully assembled ready for use in a cardboard box.

The fleimio woodhopper is currently available in four colours: green, grey, black and red. In Spring Fair – the success of the red fleimio woodhopper was a surprise. Now the red ones are out of stock.

Terassi magazine wrote: “Finnish fleimio-logcart for transporting firewood. Big rubber wheel runs smoothly in garden and outdoors. Many colours. 138 €. 7e140-1”

fleimio woodhopper Terassi magazine 3 2018Terassi magazine and its Oi!-Fair Magazine 2018 now available in stores in Finland.

visitors Spring Fair Helsinki fleimio 2018   boat by the fleimio stand Spring Fair 2018

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