Suomenlinna Church: Fleimio Woodhopper Test 10/2016


Suomenlinna Church gave us an opportunity for a voluntary Fleimio Woodhopper test in transporting candles from the Helsinki Cathedral to the church of Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna is located on an island in front of Helsinki. It is an inhabitated sea fortress built on six islands. Now the Suomenlinna is a Unesco World Heritage site and popular among tourists.

Fleimio Woodhopper testiajoa Snellmanninkatua, Kauppatorilla ja Fleimio Woodhopper Suokki-lautalla

Test driving Fleimio Woodhopper on the Snellman’s street, Helsinki Market Square and Fleimio Woodhopper inside Suokki-Ferry.

First, the candles were picked-up from the crypta of the Helsinki Cathedral in the centre of Helsinki and then driven by the Snellmaninkatu, which is a cobblestoneroad, to the Helsinki market square, where we drove the Fleimio Woodhopper to the ferry to Suomenlinna. The distance between the Helsinki Cathedral and Helsinki market square was only 650 meters and the Fleimio Woodhopper worked well on every road type.

The Suokki ferry took us to Suomenlinna. The trip took only about 20 minutes. We had good time to enjoy cup of coffee. The Fleimio Woodhopper was quite quiet during the trip and watched the sightseeings.

Fleimio Woodhopper testiajoa Suomenlinnan rantaa pitkin puiston läpi Suomenlinnan kirkolle

Fleimio Woodhopper test driving along the Suomenlinna coast line towards the Suomenlinna church.

In Suomenlinna we drove out of the ferry and walked towards the church. First, via a sand road and in the end via the park of the church. Both terrains suited perfectly for the Trolley. In uphills one needed a bit speed.

Finally, we came to the church which is a beauty. Final steps we reversed carefully with the Fleimio Woodhopper – and tadaa – the candles were safely inside this holy church.

Kynttilät toimitettu upealle Suomenlinnan kirkolle ehjinä

The beautiful Suomenlinna Church and candles delivered.

All in all, this holy test went well. According to the verger of the church, transporting the candles with help of the Fleimio Woodhopper was easier and faster – saving money and time. He came with an idea, that he could transport other equipment needed on the church as well the Fleimio Woodhopper.

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