Sukarwood Havukko pendant lamp

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Sukarwood Havukko pendant lamps are a natural masterpiece. The main part is the beauty of the pulp surface and its unique light transmission.

sizes: S, M, L ja XL
weight: 0,5 kg
material: birch plywood & softwood pulp
colour: white
design: Jonas Hakaniemi

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Sukarwood ™ Havukko pendant lamp tells the story of a Finnish forest in an insightful form. Environmentally friendly wood fiber and birch plywood as materials guarantee the ecological life cycle of Havukko luminaires as much as possible, from raw materials to the final product.

Havukko pendant lamps are a masterpiece of nature, a demonstration of designer Jonas Hakaniemi’s timelessly insightful and simply beautiful design language. The main part is the beauty of the pulp surface and its unique light transmission. The beautiful white pulp surface and light of Sukarwood luminaires create a unique combination. The light penetrates the surface of the shade in many different shades as the brightness of the room varies.

One lamp, many different moods. Warm and inviting. Light directly from nature. Havukko pendant lamps are available in four different sizes. You can see the sizes of the pendant lights in the picture below:

We supply Sukarwood luminaires in easy-to-transport and take-on packages. Sukarwood packaging is more than just packaging. They are a combination of eco-friendly material and insightful packaging design. Our conscious choice is to let the beautiful pulp surface delight as it is. We design individual packaging for your products without forgetting nature. The Sukarwood packaging stands out to its advantage and delights with its unique, elegant look.

E27 / 230 v/50 Hz / 6-15 W LED

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L, M, S, XL


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