Allt om Trädgård Fixa 8/2017: Logcart Fleimio Woodhopper

Allt om Trädgård magazine’s Fixa (8/2017) issue wrote about ”Logcart Fleimio Woodhopper”.
The Allt om Trädgård magazine wrote about Fleimio Woodhopper on their ”Grönt & Skönt” (green and nice) pages. The magazine wrote:
”Logcart Fleimio Woodhopper, steal, rubber wheel, 98 x40 x 23,5 cm, ca 950 SKR (freight ca 180 SKR).

allt om trädgård Fixa 08/2017 fleimio woodhopper

fleimio woodhopper in the allt om trädgård The Fleimio Woodhopper is for easier log transportation: Fleimio Woodhopper is for those,
who think that firewood weight too much and for those for whom
the distance from the woodshed to the fireplace or sauna is long.

Fleimio Woodhopper is a logcart for outdoor use. It is made in Finland.
It helps in moving the firewood.

Designed by Mr Mika Hautamäki & fleimio.

It is made of steel and has one air pressure wheel, which makes it agile to drive.
It will be delivered fully assembled. Logs longer than 25 cm fits the Fleimio Woodhopper well.

Available in two colours: green & grey. Price in the webshop 99 €/pc + freight.


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