Micasa: Trendy Tips to Home Decoration 11/2016

Micasa magazine from Spain wrote about New Trendy Tips to Home Decoration in their november issue (11/2016) written by Susana González. Micasa wrote:
”Want to brag about a home to the last? There are ten tips that will allow you to enjoy a trendy decoration in each season.”


Micasa gave ten ideas to furnish the house – some of them could be good christmas gift ideas – and one of them were Fleimio Mini Trolley.
Micasa wrote about the versatility of the product: ”The mini trolley, from the Fleimio company, is a cart, bedside table, night table and
for wood burning. Made of birch veneer.”


Additionally, Micasa magazine liked the mobility and versatility of the Mini: one is able to change the location and the function
of the Mini easily. If you want to read more about the versatility of the Fleimio Trolleys – please read the
Fleimio blog http://fleimio.fi/fleimio-trolley-versatile-furniture/?lang=en

Fleimio Mini was launched on the Maison & Objet in Paris in the beginning of September 2016. The design of the Mini
resembles the design of the Fleimio Trolley designed by Tero Jakku (MA) from Finland.

You are able to read the whole story from Micasa Online Magazine: http://www.micasarevista.com/ideas-decoracion/decalogo-del-new-look


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