Krapi Hotel: New Superior Rooms 1/2017 Krapi Hotel has renewed their Superior class rooms. The new rooms were renovated in december and are now ready to be reserved. Part of Superior-class rooms’ interior design are the fleimio trolleys. [caption id="attachment_8688" align="alignnone" width="474"] Krapi Hotel- Superior – fleimio trolley[/caption] Hotel Krapi is located in Tuusula near the golf course in the middle of  the Krapi Park. The atmosphere in the hotel, built within the sturdy brick walls of the old stables, is down to earth and relaxing. [caption id="attachment_8692" align="alignnone" width="474"] Krapi Hotel- Superior – fleimio trolley[/caption] Krapi Hotel has rooms of three different class: Superior, Comfort and Standard. Total 54 places to sleep. Free Wifi is available for Krapi guests in all Krapi buildings. The hotel also has a lounge bar, sauna and two Cabinet Rooms for meetings. Krapi Hotel used to be cattle stables. As a hotel it opened its doors 1987. Krapi is actually a hospitality centre. In addition to Restaurant Krapihovi main building, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from: Krapi yards house a curehouse, an old granary, Alitupa-lodge, a wine cellar, Restaurant Mankeli with its beer garden and a summer theatre. The adjacent golf course has a clubhouse and Golf Ateljeeri Cafe and if you follow the winding road through the golf course to Tuusula Lake you find Krapi’s chimneyless sauna by the lakeside. The chimneyless sauna was opened allready in 1977. Krapi was mentioned first time in history books in the 17th century. Krapi Hotel Contact: Rantatie 2 , 04310 Tuusula, Finland + 358 9 274841 /  ]]>

Jussi Leimio

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