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How to Select a Proper Way to Transport Firewood to the Fireplace

People in the Nordic Countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) burn a lot firewood in their fireplaces in order to warm up their houses during the winter when the outdoor temperature is often freezen (below 0 centigrades).

Traditionally the firewood are carried by using a log holder or a cardboard box. However, winters are long and not many people have enough strenght to do this. Additionally, the distance from the woodshed to the fireplace may be long.

When selecting a tool to transport firewood to the fireplace – there are plenty of alternatives. Here below a short introduction to each.

Fireplaces have various characteristics that ought to be considered when thinking of storing and managing firewood supply. In the first place the physical dimensions of the fireplace set limits for the firewood logs’ thickness and lenght. In general, it is not advisable to store dry logs too near the fireplace because of fire safety. Moreover, we recommend to follow the guides set for storing firewood.  Fireplaces can be categorized as following;  stoves, baking & heating ovens, fireplaces and design fireplaces. Each of them have their extra characteristics that should be taken into consideration.

Log holders are portable baskets, boxes or fixed racks. Difference between these options are size and therefore easiness of use and outlook. Firewood are normally stored in a wood shed. Moving the logs from the wood shed to the fireplace should be taken care of. It is obvious, that fixed firewood racks are pretty solid pieces of furniture. One should select a log holder with a proper size – since it results in heaviness of the holder.

When talking about storing the firewood indoors, one can have the logs in the log holder. Another option is to build a solid firewood stand that suit the interior design. However, one needs to remember that the logs need to be transported  to the solid firewood rack.

log-holder                                      log-holder

Example of a traditional Finnish log holder            Example of a solid firewood storing solution

Wheeled storing solutions are actually log holders with wheels. They are useful in transporting the firewood easily from the woodshed to the fireplace. Additionally, they may take much more firewood to be transported compared to the regular log holders. The wheeled storing solutions have one more extra benefit: they are easy to relocate in interior design, which gives new  possibilities for example to have the firewood visible or to have them not visible.

There are several carts for transporting firewood available. Most of them are designed for transporting the firewood. When thinking of transporting the firewood, one critical question is the location of the woodshed: outdoors or indoors. Design company fleimio from Finland has developed a new solution for wheeled firewood transportation: a firewood carts that also looks good.

fleimio-woodhopper-firewood-cart      fleimio-trolley

fleimio woodhopper firewood cart                          fleimio trolley

Fleimio Woodhopper is a firewood cart that helps you to transport more firewood easier.You are able to store and move approximately 2-3 times more firewood in it compared to a regular log holder. Material is steel.  It has only one wheel which makes it agile to run.The fleimio logcart is designed for outdoor use – for firewood logs that are longer than 25 cm.

Fleimio Trolley is a furniture for firewood – a modern log holder with wheels. Designed by Mr Tero Jakku (MA) from Finland. Material is birch and the producer recommends to use it indoors only.

Fleimio Woodhopper Oma Koti Magazine 4/2016

Fleimio Woodhopper Oma Koti Magazine 4/2016

Fleimio Woodhopper Oma Koti Magazine 4/2016: “Fleimio Woodhopper is an agile, manufactured in Finland, one-wheel firewood cart. Sold by Fleimio Online Store and part of the K-rauta and Rautia -stores.”

Oma Koti -lehti esitteli tuotteita polttopuiden siirtoon ja säilytykseen. Fleimio Woodhopper oli tuotteista ainoa, jossa oli rengas.
Oma Koti magazine (3/2016, page 23) presented products to move and store firewood. The Fleimio Woodhopper was the only product with a wheel. Price of the Fleimio Woodhopper was unfortunately wrong in the magazine.

Oma Koti Kullan Kallis magazine 3/2016 wrote like that. The price mentioned by the magazine was wrong, since the press release was done long time ago. Price in the Fleimio Online store is 138 €/pc and price in K-rauta, K-maatalous and Rautia stores will be told, when the deliveries start.

Fleimio Woodhopper is a cart for transporting more firewood easier. One Fleimio Woodhopper takes 2-3 times more firewood compared to a normal log holder.

It is agile to use, because it has only one tyre. Recommended for outdoor use only, because some dirt may follow in the tyre. If the owner of the Fleimio Woodhopper thinks, that dirt is good, Fleimio Woodhopper goes well in stairs by drawing – and fits well in the doors, if the logs are not longer than what the door is wide.


Fleimio Woodhopperin avulla polttopuita siirtyy enemmän kerralla helpommin, koska siinä on pyörä.
Fleimio Woodhopper helps you to move more firewood at once easier, because of the wheel.



Pile more than 25 cm long firewood logs to Fleimio Woodhopper as in the picture on the cover. Drive with both hands. You can store it in horizontal or vertical position. Keep the metal surfaces clean by wiping them occasionally with a damp cloth. See to that there is enough air in the tyre.

Fleimio Woodhopper deliveries are a bit late. We shall inform all our customers when the deliveries start. There is 33 Fleimio Woodhopper retailers in Finland at the moment. The product is sold only via Kesko stores in Finland.

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