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Färg, Möbler & Interiör: fleimio trolley original 6/2018

Färg, Möbler & Interiör: fleimio trolley original 6/2018

Swedish Färg, Möbler & Interiör magazine wrote about fleimio trolley original in their number #2/2018. FMI (Färg, Möbler & Interiör) is a Swedish industry organization for those who sell goods and services in home furnishings.

Färg, Möbler & Interiör magazine wrote: “firewood trolley and smooth storage furniture – the Finnish furniture fleimio trolley is designed by Tero Jakku (MA) and is a functional furniture for storing books, magazines, firewood or why not jeans.”

(vedvagn och smidig förvaringsmöbler – den Finska möbeln fleimio trolley är designat av Tero Jakku (MA) och är en funktionell möbel för att förvara böcker, tidskrifter, brännved eller varför inte jeans.)

The wheels make the fleimio trolley easy to relocate in interior design. The function of the trolley may change when you move it from one location to another. Additionally, you are able to change the role of the trolley during the year. You are able to keep the trolley in horizontal or vertical position.

Material is birch plywood. Upscale wood processing with laminated and lacquered surface finishing, results in exquisite touch and feel. It is equipped with high quality rubber rings. It will be delivered fully assembled – ready for use. Country of origin is Finland.

The fleimio trolley original will be delivered with one shelf with three locations to place it. The shelf in the fleimio trolley has the same colour as the trolley. Shelves  are for storing things you like. You are able to buy more shelves to your trolley from the fleimio online shop. There are two kinds of shelves: regular and wine.

FMI represents 230 member companies. FMI helps stores become more profitable, safer and more attractive. FMI’s goal is to continually improve membership benefits for its members. They help in daily business and actively engage with the issues that are important to the industry’s development and future. Through their specific industry expertise, they facilitate their members  in their business.

Drömhem & Trädgård 8/2017: Just Now – Fleimio Woodhopper

Drömhem & Trädgård 8/2017: Just Now – Fleimio Woodhopper

Drömhem & Trädgård magazine from Sweden in their issue n:o 11 (8/2017) wrote on their “Just Now” page:
“Save your back! Is it a long way from woodshed to the fireplace or to sauna? Drive your logs with a nice cart.
Finnish Fleimio Woodhopper, 950 SKR (99 €) + freight,”


Fleimio Woodhopper is cart for transporting fire wood. Product is meant for those, who feel carrying firewood logs as heavy or for those,
whose distance from the woodshed to the fireplace or to the sauna is long.

That is, it is a log cart that helps you to move more firewood easier. You are able to store and move approximately 2-3 times more firewood
in it compared to a regular log holder. You are able to use it for rug rags if you like.

It is designed for outdoor use – for firewood logs that are longer than 25 cm. It is agile to drive, because it has only one wheel.
It is possible to be stored in horizontal or vertical position.

Fleimio woodhopper is manufactured in finland. Material is steel and it is equipped with high-quality air pressure rubber tyre.
It will be delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

See to that there is enough air in the tyre. We recommend to use the product outdoors.



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