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Fleimio @ Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018

Fleimio @ Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 6.-10th of February 2018

Finnish design company fleimio exhibited again at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. fleimio stand was AG:17, which was located between the halls A and B. Goal was to launch two new colours of the fleimio woodhopper and to present the new fleimio trolley concept with its accessories.

fleimio stand stockholm furniture and light fair 2018picture: the fleimio stand in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Feb 2018

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the number one trade fair in design in the Nordic Countries. During Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the fair is full to bursting point with the latest innovations within interior design and lighting for both homes and public spaces. New products, new materials, new knowledge, new trends and new environmental and technological solutions are displayed in a both informative and inspirational manner.

Over 40 000 people visited the fair in 2017 from over 60 countries. Last time Feb 2017, the fair had press coverage from over a 1100 journalist and over 300 of them were international journalists. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is truly an international fair with visitors from the whole world. However, this year 2018  the number of visitors was lower compared to previous year.

fleimio trolleys at stockholm furniture fair 2018picture: the fleimio trolleys 

The fleimio trolley was launched at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair already 2012. This year we focused on presenting the possibilities to modify the trolley depending on the usage purpose. Because the fleimio trolley can be used for books, magazines, firewood and jeans – it is essential that it can be customised. The fleimio trolley has several accessories available: regular shelves, wine shelves and fleimio bags.

When the fleimio trolley is used as a book, magazine – or as a jeans stand – many would prefer having several shelves in it. One of the novelties exhibited was the fleimio trolley as a wine trolley: good looking catering trolley for home parties. Actually the trolley itself is the same. There is just new wine shelves available for it, which converts the trolley into a wine trolley.

Additionally, another novelty presented in Stockholm was the fleimio bag. It is an accessory that converts the trolley into a storage furniture for textiles or toys. Some may use it as an elegant laundry bag.

Good thing is – that one can play with the fleimio trolley during the year: it can have various roles in interior decor. During winter it can serve as a stylish log holder, during spring and summer as a mobile book & magazine stand – and during parties as a wine trolley.

fleimio woodhoppers in Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018
picture: fleimio woodhoppers’ new colours launched in Stockholm 

February 2018 the fleimio woodhopper was presented for the first time to the Nordic trade professionals. Additionally, we launched two new colours of it; black and red. The fleimio woodhopper received good feedback from the visitors as there is not similar kind of product in the market yet.

All in all, we had a good reception in Stockholm. Now waiting to start a nice partnership with the new contacts.

Here below a short summary of the fleimio trolley concept and fleimio woodhopper:

fleimio trolley original is a versatile modern storage furniture that can be used for storing and moving e.g. magazines, books, firewood and jeans. It is convenient to use, because it has wheels. The fleimio trolley fits well several interiors: almost any room at home or second home, public venues, restaurants, boutiques and naturally offices.

The fleimio wine trolley and fleimio 5 shelf trolley are modifications of the original fleimio trolley. The overall design of them resembles the design of the fleimio trolley, but the wine trolley and 5 shelf trolley has five locations for the shelves, which makes it more suitable for e.g. magazines, company brochures – or naturally for wines in home parties or in cafes and bistros. Some people use the five shelf trolley for vinyl records.

fleimio mini trolley is a versatile trolley side table that can be used as a bedside table too. One is able to store items suitable to one’s interior design in it. Moreover, it is easy to move from one place to another, because it has wheels. Therefore, one is able to easily rearrange the interior design any day.

fleimio woodhopper – is a firewood cart, that helps moving, transporting and storing the firewood.

fleimio stand behind the caffe at Stockholm Fair  fleimio stand behind the caffe cafeteria at Stockholm fair 2018

Fleimio Launched Novelties at the Maison & Objet Paris 8.-12th of September 2017

Design company fleimio from finland exhibited for the 5th time at the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris on the 8.-12th of September. The stand of fleimio D7 was located in a great location in hall 7 (now! design a vivre!) where fleimio presented its novelties widening its range of modern storage furnitures.

It was already five years ago, when fleimio exhibited for the first time at M&O. At that time – the stand was its representatives La Boutique Scandinave’s / AG Sarl’s who represents also other Scandinavian brands in the competitive French market.


At that time, fleimio had only one product at the fair – the fleimio trolley (look photo on the left) – the modern log holder. However, since 2014 the fleimio assortment has grown a lot.

This year 2017 fleimio exhibited several novelties for the professionals at the fair.

Fleimio Novelties

For the first time at Maison & Objet, the visitors got a chance to get acquainted with fleimio woodhopper, a firewood cart for transporting firewood and with fleimio wine trolley, which is a modified version of the fleimio trolley dedicated for serving wines in home parties, catering or in restaurants and bistros.


Fleimio Woodhopper


Especially the visitors from France and from Asia were interested in the fleimio woodhopper, which is an agile firewood cart, as it has only one wheel due to the fact that yards and gardens – at least in the Nordic countries – are not even and flat. The yards near the French Alps are definitely not flat! Almost every visitor at fleimio stand wanted to test drive the fleimio woodhopper.

Visitor Feedback regarding the Fleimio Woodhopper:


Majority of the visitors considered the price of the fleimio woodhopper reasonable being a product 100% designed and manufactured in Finland. However, almost all the visitors – especially those who test drove the cart – were most satisfied with the usability of the fleimio woodhopper. Nevertheless, there were people, who did not understand the advantages of having only one wheel.

Fleimio Wine Trolley

The other novelty – fleimio wine trolley – gathered a lot of interested visitors too. The fleimio wine trolley is a modification of the original fleimio trolley. The design of the trolley is actually the same, but in the wine model, there are wooden shelves designed for the standard size wine bottles. The fleimio wine trolley can take max 10 bottles of wine, which is quite ok quantity for big home parties not to mention the events and hospitalities in restaurant and/or bistros.


The visitors at the fair gave the fleimio wine trolley a nick name “perfect evening”. The reason behind this was, that in the exhibition sample, there were books on the top shelf, then several bottles of wine – and high-end Finnish birch logs in the bottom.

The design of the fleimio wine trolley was the key. The pleasant outlook of the trolley and its characteristics of Scandinavian design with the aesthetics of the Nordic lifestyle were highly appreciated.

Additionally, the visitors liked the touch and feel of the trolley: the high-end birch with careful work by the carpenters, obtained a lot of positive feedback. Naturally, the price of the wine trolley should be lower. However, when considering the fact that first the birch needs to grow up 50 – 70 years, the price is acceptable remembering that  the fleimio trolleys are manufactured, assembled and quality controlled in the EU.

Visitors Feedback regarding the Fleimio Wine Trolley:


All in all, the Maison & Objet Paris was nice to fleimio, who exhibited for the first time on its own stand. Design company fleimio is concentrated on the trolleys and carts and promotes their playful use (versatility, many ways how to use, many places where one can use them). The fleimio trolleys and carts belong to a new category of modern storage furnitures.  The benefit of the fleimio’s modern storage furnitures is that they have wheels.


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