Fleimio First at Time Pop-Up Tuusula 4/2016 [caption id="attachment_1318" align="alignleft" width="232"]Tuusula Pop-Up pidetään 16.4.2016 Fleimio Exhibited at Pop-Up Tuusula on the 16.4.2016  / address was  pysäkkikuja 1.[/caption] Fleimio First Time at Pop-Up Tuusula 4/2016 Pop-Up Tuusula event was held at Pysäkkikuja1, Hyrylä, for the first time on the 16th of April. Event was open at 10-15 and there the local associations and entrepreneurs presented their products and/or services. Pop-Up was hosted by Ms Katja Ståhl. Fleimio exhibited its product for the first time in Tuusula, which is the “home county” of the Fleimio. Fleimio stand was number 10. Pop-Up was arranged for the first time – and it was quite a success: there were more than 3000 visitors. Fleimio exhibited its product assortment; First, the Fleimio Woodhopper, whose deliveries started this week. Fleimio Woodhopper is a cart for transporting firewood and it has 33 retailers – K-rauta, Rautia and K-maatalous stores in FInland. Fleimio Shoe Helper was shown for the visitors on three heights giving an opportunity for the visitors to test the product in practise. Fleimio Pine Cone wall shelf was presented on a sticker, since it was not allowed to assemble a wall shelf on the wall at these premises. Fleimio presented new colours for the Fleimio Trolley: grey and red. Especially the red was pretty well noticed by the visitors. Now the assortment is white, grey, black and red. [caption id="attachment_1324" align="alignnone" width="225"]Fleimio esitteli Tuusula Pop-Upissa uutuustuotteen - Fleimio Trolley Bag lisävarusteen. Fleimio presented a novelty at the pop-Up: Fleimio Trolley Bag accessory.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1323" align="alignleft" width="225"]Fleimio-osasto Tuusula Pop-Upissa sai positiivista huomiota. Fleimio esitteli tuotteensa ensimmäistä kertaa Tuusulassa. Fleimio exhibited in Tuusula for the first time, eventhough Fleimio is a company from Tuusula.[/caption] Fleimio presented a novelty – Fleimio Trolley Bag – on the Pop-Up, which is an accessory for the Fleimio Trolley, converting it to an elegant storage furniture for textiles. Fleimio Trolley Bag is made of 100% cotton in Finland. It will be easily attached to Fleimio Trolley. It is possible to remove it and to wash it. The product contains washing instrutions for it.]]>