Fleimio Trolley in Huvila&Huussi TV-programme 5/2016

Fleimio Trolley was in Huvila&Huussi TV-programme on the 3rd of May 2016 on TV channel 4 in Finland. The programme described the reborn of 100 year old cottage in village Fiskars in Finland.

Huvila&Huussi is a famous TV-programme, where the designers of the programme rebuild the selected location according to their customers’ needs.

On this 3rd of May programme, the owners of this cottage in village Fiskars, were the chief designer of company Fiskars Petteri Masalin and his wife Kristiina.

The cottage in Fiskars

The cottage in Fiskars after the reconstruction

Fleimio Trolley and Huvila&Huussi

Fleimio Trolley (black) was part of Petteri’s and Kristiina’s interior design in this TV-show.
“Modern, old and recycled”: head designer Masalin told about their original plans with the cottage. Therefore, the elegant Fleimio Trolley fit pretty well in their interior design.

Fleimio Trolley part of the Fiskars cottage's interior design

Fleimio Trolley part of the Fiskars cottage’s interior design

Fiskars cottage's interior

Fiskars cottage’s interior

Decorational details in the Fiskars cottage

Decorational details in the Fiskars cottage

See the whole show from the TV Nelonen (4) http://www.nelonen.fi/ohjelmat/huvila-huussi/2110375-huvila-huussin-sisustusarkkitehti-vinkkaa—raikasta-hirsimokin-ilme-pienilla-nikseilla-naita-ei-olisi-tanne-sata-vuotta-sitten-tuotu

Fleimio Trolley is a furniture with wheels for storing firewood, magazines and books.

The wheels make the Fleimio Trolley easy to relocate in interior design. Additionally, you are able to position the trolley horizontally or vertically. The two movable shelves help you to either regulate quantity of the firewood logs – or to store books or magazines when the Trolley is in vertical position.

Material is Finnish birch plywood. Upscale wood processing with painted and lacquered surface finishing, results in exquisite touch and feel. It is equipped with high quality rubber rings. It will be delivered fully assembled – ready for use.

Colours:   white, grey, black or red, shelves lacquered birch
Dimensions:   99 x 39 x 28 cm.
Weight:   6 kg.
Design:   Tero Jakku (MA) 2011.

Price:   398 € / pc (incl vat 24%)

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