Fleimio Trolley: Versatile Furniture

Fleimio Trolley is a versatile furniture. For many it is an elegant storage furniture for firewood logs.
On the other hand, for some it is a new way to store books.

Fleimio Trolley on tyylikäs säilytyspaikka polttopuille

Fleimio Trolley (design Tero Jakku, MA) is a furniture with wheels that is made off birch. The idea for
the product came while observing how people stored their firewood. We found that there was a demand
for a furniture that would serve as a stylish frame for the logs and that would help in moving them.
Later the Fleimio Trolley has been used for storing magazines or books.

In Nordic Countries, houses are very often warmed by using firewood logs. Therefore, the firewood logs
are a natural element in interior design. Part of local lifestyle.

The fresh and timeless outlook with functionality helping the usability gives the Fleimio Trolley wide
opportunities to use it in interior design. The Fleimio Trolley has a chance to become a modern design classic.


About a month ago the Fleimio Trolley was launched as a Mini version in Maison & Objet Paris.
The Mini version works well as a sidetable.


Fleimio Trolley and Fleimio Mini Trolley are manufacted in white, grey, red and black by a local carpenter.


One can surely find even new ways to use this fresh looking product in ones own interior design.

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