Viikkouutiset Newspaper: Books in Interior Design 11/2016

Viikkouutiset Newspaper wrote about books in interior design 26.11.2016. The Newspaper wrote: ”Books can help in creating bohemian atmosphere and colour to the space.” Viikkouutiset Newspaper interviewed  Pia Närhi from  Närhi Oy Sisustuspalvelu and Jussi Leimiota / Fleimio.


Viikkouutiset wrote that the old times bookshelves covering almost the whole wall are gone and that now there are new movable and multifunctional solutions available besides the traditional wall shelves. One example was the Fleimio Trolleys, whose movability and versatility belong to the contemporary interior design. Fleimio Trolley can be a holder for firewood logs during winter – and as a movable book shelf during summer. More information regarding the Fleimio Trolley and Fleimio Mini Trolley can be found from the Fleimio website.


Fleimio has also modern Fleimio Pine Cone wall shelf in its assortments. You are able to read more about Fleimio Pine Cone from the Fleimio website.

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